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  Important Update!! 
Chrome v.42 disables the Adobe PDF plugin needed for the IEP Manager on PC, you will need to re-apply the new configuration instructions.
* Adobe Acrobat DC is now compatible with IE, Firefox and Chrome on PC computers.

* READ ME - IEP Manager Requirements for using PDF Mode: Config. Explorer for PC PDF mode (Mandatory for all PC even if using Chrome or Firefox) or  Config. Safari for Mac PDF mode (Mandatory for all Mac) or Config. Firefox for PC PDF mode or Config. Chrome for PC PDF Mode

HTML Mode does not require Adobe to be installed or configured for saving data into SIRAS in the IEP Manager. A PDF program is required to print from the HTML mode from within the IEP Manager.

Please Click on Support at the bottom of the page and goto 'System Requirements' tab for further questions about setup.

Siras Systems Newsletter



Have a Great Summer from Siras Systems.           

New HOT Features Introduced this Month in response to user requests


COOL Changes Made to Existing Features to make life easier:


IMPORTANT Reminders for Case Managers when using SIRAS 


IMPORTANT Reminders for CASEMIS Clerks/Special Ed. Secretaries when using SIRAS 

Wind up CASEMIS and DRDP:

CASEMIS Clerks / Special Ed Secretaries: The focus now should be on correcting the Errors and Warnings from the State CASEMIS program posted each morning. After correcting errors be sure to validate and re-submit the corrected data on the MIS Summary page.  Otherwise the error will re-appear on the list the next day even though it had been corrected.

Contact Brian Marcontel at brian@sirassystems.com for questions.



          Homer's Pointers:

JUNE 2015:  Cleaning up your meetings:
We have been getting frequent support questions describing that when trying to print the Progress Report or a list, 'nothing happens...'. This is usually because the popup blockers for your browser is not been turned off.  If your popup blockers are off, normally your browser will present a dialog box reminding you that your popup blockers are off.  Select 'permanently turn off popup blockers' option.  > How to Turn Off Popup Blockers <

MAY 2015:  Cleaning up your meetings:
After a meeting has happened, within a couple days the user should check 'Meeting held' and then 'Finalize'.  There are some exceptions such as continuing meetings. These meetings must be Finalized, or if they were abandoned either delete the meeting or ask your CASEMIS Clerk to 'Force Finalize' the meeting. There are two areas in SIRAS that can assist in cleaning up outstanding meetings: the easiest place are the meeting links on the SIRAS Home page; or use the Predefined List item. 

The easiest way would be to go to the SIRAS home page and use the links (see below).  This will generate a list in the choose Student list, then to convert to a regulate list just click the ‘Student List’ link ate the top of the page.  

You can also go to the Pre-Defined list tab.  Go to the Reporting Menu, click ‘Student Lists’ and then ‘Predefined List’ tab  (see below).  

APRIL 2015:  When it is time to write your second annual review on the same student:
If you have goals already in SIRAS from the previous IEP, develop the new goals for the new IEP under ‘Next Year's Goals’ tab rather than under ‘Current Goals’ tab.  When all providers completed the last progress report for the student, click the 'Archive and Advance' button at the bottom of the Goal Developer.

The old goals must be archived prior to opening up the new goal page in the IEP Manager.
To Archive and Advance your goals watch this video (
Play Training Video); also download this document.

Do NOT delete the old Goals
Symptoms are that there will be no history of last year’s progress reports.
If there is an open meeting and the goal form had already been submitted/saved, SIRAS will reset the Goal form causing the checkboxes, standard numbers and category to be cleared.  In this event they will need to be re-entered.

Do NOT overwrite the old goals
Symptoms of not following the procedure are that the old progress reports will be tied to the newly developed goal.


MARCH 2015:  Creating an Emergency Backup Folder of Blank IEP Forms
Because technology is never 100% reliable it engenders Murphy’s Law, “when you need technology to work the most, count on it to fail.”  Sometimes SIRAS may be down, the district network may be down, or a variety of other mishaps.  Because of this SIRAS has the ability to allow the user to download blank or partially filled out forms.  This is done by going to the Tools Menu and selecting the ‘Document Library’.  There you will see two tabs ‘Non-IEP Forms’ (these are forms that are not part of the IEP like the IEP Agenda); and ‘Blank/Emergency use forms’.  It is under the ‘Blank/Emergency use forms’ where you can download any of the forms in SIRAS as either a Blank form or a partially filled out form.  To partially fill out a form select the student then check the ‘Fill form for student:….’ checkbox.

TIP 1:  You want to prepare for an outage before it happens.  Setup a folder on your desktop (or wherever) and call it ‘Blank IEP Forms’.  Download the most commonly used IEP forms from the Document Library and place them in the folder.  Should you ever need to do an IEP if there is an outage just copy those document files needed from the Blank IEP Forms folder into a new folder.  Name that folder the name of the student, also include the meeting date.

TIP2:  In the event that you must develop an IEP where there is no internet access (perhaps the meeting will take place at the parent’s house) use the option that will partially fill out the form by selecting the student then check the ‘Fill form for student:….’ checkbox.  This will save you a lot of time by having much of the student’s information already entered onto the form.

TIP 3:  When the IEP is completed and the forms signed, scan the entire IEP as one document and save it as a PDF.  When the outage is over create the appropriate meeting for the student, enter the meeting date and any other item on the IEP Manager (not necessary to fill out the forms).  Now click the ‘Upload Document’ tab and upload the PDF document of that student’s IEP.  Now under the ‘Attach to Forms’  select “Basic Forms”.  

TIP4:  Any IEP made outside of the IEP Manager, the MIS Summary page must be completed.  A user who has admin access may need to assist with entering data in some of the locked field.  This can be done by clicking the “Unlock” button at the top of the MIS Summary page.


FEBRUARY 2015:  Tips on How to Jump from One Form to Another

When you are in a form and need to go to another form, you do not need to go back to the IEP Manager.  Instead, click on the field 'Save and Return', select the form you want to jump to, and then click the green arrow (Go) button.

JANUARY 2015:  Tips on How to Print Labels

SIRAS can print Avery labels to send letters en masse.  This can be done at a district level, school level or even for your case load, perhaps to send Progress Reports.

To print Avery labels do this:
1. Click on the magnifying glass  .   Use the Search page to acquire a found set of the records you want to print.
2. Go to the 'Labels and Batch' Forms section under Tools menu
3. Review the preferences:   
4. Place Avery labels sheets 5160 or 05266 in the printer and print.

DECEMBER 2014:  Tips for Printing Progress Reports, Lists and Statistical Reports


NOVEMBER 2014:  Saving a file to a PDF

Many times it is desirable to turn a Word document, PowerPoint, or JPEG picture file into a PDF document. PDF Files is a universal file format. There are many advantages to this as almost any computer Mac, Windows, tablets, your smart phone can read a PDF file.  Another advantage is that a PDF file can be appended to you IEP and assembled as part of your IEP.  The process was described in last month's newsletter.  Note only PDF files can be attached to your IEP. So, if you have another file format such as Word and you want to convert that to a PDF format you can print as a PDF or 'save as' a PDF.  Unfortunately many computers do not have this ability.  If you have the need to convert files into a PDF format and your computer does not have the means to do this (FYI, Macintosh computers all have this ability under the print; the issue is primarily with Windows), what we recommend is to install a PDF distiller called "CutePDF".  After installed it will act like a printer.  You would select CutePDF as you would any printer and it will render what you are wanting to print as a PDF.  To download this program click on this link CutePDF Writer  then click the "Free Download" link and download/run. Note, if at school, please confirm with IT staff that this is permissible.

OCTOBER 2014:  Saving a file to a PDF

  1. Disable page numbering   (this will add "Page ___ of _____" to each page instead of page numbers)
  2. Add draft water mark   (this will add a faint water mark of "Draft" to each page)  
  3. Disable validations for preview/finalize    (this will allow CASEMIS Clerks & District 1 Admin users to override the requirement to address all the Required forms so that 'Print/Preview' can be used or to "Force Finalize" the meeting.

* Once the option is selected it will have a green check in front of it which will stay there for that record until you log out.

SEPTEMBER 2014:  Saving a file to a PDF

Under Tools menu is the Calendar.  The calendar will show the month’s events and by clicking on the days with show the day's agenda.  It will display in a list to the right if there are any deadlines for the Initial Evaluation, Annual Review and Triennial/Reevaluation. At the bottom will list all of the arranged meetings for the month. Logging in as a district level administrator will give the user the calendar for the whole district.  A School level admin will generate a calendar for the school.  And a general user, such as a case manager, will see a calendar for their caseload. Click the 'Print' button to print the calendar and allow it to assist you to assist plan the month’s events.  If the district CASEMIS Clerk entered vacation days at the beginning of the school year, they will be plotted on the calendar in green and vacation days of more than 5 days will adjust the initial evaluation timeline.



  The transportation module has been expanded to include the following new features:

  1. Your district’s transportation form can be added as a pdf that will auto fill from SIRAS. If interested, contact Siras Systems to have your district’s form added.
  2. The Transportation form and the Post-Secondary survey forms can be printed in bulk.
  3. Pickup address/drop off will auto-enter student’s primary address; if different, just overwrite.
  4. Next Year’s pickup address/drop off have been added to the Next Year’s section under Student Information menu.
  5. A new ‘Transportation’ list has been added under the under Student List / Reporting menu/ Predefined Lists.