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  Important Update!!
Chrome v.42 disables the Adobe PDF plugin needed for the IEP Manager on PC, you will need to re-apply the new configuration instructions.
* Adobe Acrobat DC is now compatible with IE, Firefox and Chrome on PC computers.

* READ ME - IEP Manager Requirements for using PDF Mode: Config. Explorer for PC PDF mode (Mandatory for all PC even if using Chrome or Firefox) or  Config. Safari for Mac PDF mode (Mandatory for all Mac) or Config. Firefox for PC PDF mode or Config. Chrome for PC PDF Mode

HTML Mode does not require Adobe to be installed or configured for saving data into SIRAS in the IEP Manager. A PDF program is required to print from the HTML mode from within the IEP Manager.

Please Click on Support at the bottom of the page and goto 'System Requirements' tab for further questions about setup.

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New HOT Features Introduced this Month in response to user requests

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IMPORTANT Reminders for Case Managers when using SIRAS 

Private School Students
When a student attending a private school is referred for special education services, the student should be entered into SIRAS as though s/he was attending his/her home school with school type as public school while the assessment is being conducted and the IEP is being developed.  If the student is found to be eligible, the IEP will offer services at the home school.  If the parent does not want to enroll the student in public school, the student may be offered services through an ISP (Individual Services Plan), depending on district guidelines. At this point the School Type should be changed to Private school non-certified, and the School Attending should be changed to the name of the Private School.  The private school name for students taught at home by their parents is “School with No Name.”   If an ISP is developed the plan type will automatically be changed to ISP (20).  If an ISP is not developed, the plan type should be manually changed to Eligible, no plan, parent placed in private school (70).

IMPORTANT Reminders for CASEMIS Staff

          Homer's Pointers:

August 2015:  HOT KEYS

Hot keys are keyboard shortcuts that will assist you in using SIRAS more efficiently.


Under Choose Student List

On the MIS Summary page

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