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Siras Systems Support:
If SELPA/District policy is to contact them first follow that protocol.

Email:    support@sirassystems.com
Issues concerning bugs on forms; SIRAS procedures; troubleshooting questions; IEP Manager; Adobe Reader / PDF mode / HTML mode; configuration issues; MIS Summary page; and CASEMIS questions. 

SIRAS Toll Free Hotline:   844-33 SIRAS   or   (844) 337-4727       [M - F:  8:00 to 6:00]

If your password needs to be reset email your district CASEMIS Clerk using your district email.
User name:  first.last  (put a period in-between the first and last name, no spaces) Passwords are case sensitive.  User will be required to create a new password 1 year (365 days) from the last password reset.

IEP Manager Form Viewing Modes
To edit the forms in the IEP Manager the user has the option of either the PDF or HTML mode located at the bottom of the forms.  The default and preferred mode is PDF as it will
provide a more accurate view of the form but requires some configuration to the browser; the other HTML mode will work in any environment but is not as user friendly.

  • IEP Manager options to edit forms: PDF mode vs. HTML mode.
  • Chrome 45+ no longer supports Adobe PDF plugin in the IEP Manager. Click on the link System Requirements for more information on how to configure your browser for the IEP Manager.
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California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) Testing Update

The California Department of Education (CDE) announced that this year will be a pilot year for new science tests aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) that replace the CST, CMA and CAPA.  The California Science Test (CAST) and the California Alternate Assessment (CAA) will be administered in science.  Students who were previously assessed using the CST and CMA will take CAST and students who are assessed using an alternate will take CAA. 

Science tests will be piloted with all schools in California and given in grades 5, 8 and high school (either grade 10, 11, or 12).  The grade level of the high school tests will be different at each school site within a district (which have yet to be determined).  For up-to-date information on CAASPP testing, visit the CAASPP website @ http://www.caaspp.org/ .

Universal tools, designated supports and accommodations (UDAs) for the new science tests have not been released.  Once they are released by the CDE, they will be put into the menus of the CAASPP page in SIRAS. Participations in science (CST, CMA, CAPA) selected prior to this change will be removed and new test participations (CAST, CAA) wil need to be selected on the MIS Summary page or on the CAASPP page for IEPs in Development, but the menu choices of UDAs will be locked and left blank (since they have not been released). The considerations checkbox and statement about the CMA at the bottom of the CAASPP page has been removed.   School sites who will test 12th grades students for sicence are yet to be determined, therefore, the CAASPP page will be required for students in 12th grade.  To minimize the need for addendums to add UDAs for the science test, document on an additional page in SIRAS the IEP team discussion about UDAs for science, should they be available OR that the UDAs will be added via an addendum meeting once they become avaialble. See help sheet attached for guidance

Additionally, the non-embedded designated support of simplified test directions has been added for math and ELA tests and a 100s number table added for the math test.  These are now available as choices on the CAASPP page in SIRAS. 

DRDP Progress:
SIRAS has been working with the Desired Results Access Project to enhance the functionality of our DRDP module. We recently completed both updating the latest DRDP changes for this fall and we also added the ability for general users (not Admins) to export their individual DRDP records from the Data Export page.  The file then can be imported/uploaded to the DRAccess website so staff don’t have to re-enter the DRDP data there anymore.


COOL Changes Made to Existing Features to make life easier

Uploading Documents in SIRAS
You can upload a document (such as a Word Document, Excel file, JPEG, PDF) to a student’s SIRAS record.  Frequently, Assessment Reports and the signed agreement and attendance page are uploaded. Anyone who is associated with the student has access to view or upload documents.

To upload the signed Agreement and Attendance page:

  1. Go to the IEP Manager.  Go to the IEP in Development.
  2. Select the “Uploaded Documents” tab and following the directions above to associate the document with the meeting.
  3. Select “Signature Page” from the Category dropdown.  Enter a file description (e.g., Signature Page) and click the “Add” button.  Select your saved PDF of the signature page. Click the “Upload” button.
  4. Select “Basic” from the Attach to forms dropdown.

Note: Only PDF files can be attached to the IEP or ISP The file name convention is important.  Do not use a file name with more than one period, i.e. “signature page 4.1.2014.pdf”.  The only period in the file name should be used to separate the file name and the type of file; i.e.  “Signature Page.pdf”.

For more information click here







Medi-Cal Billing Option:

Siras Systems, Inc. is excited to announce a partnership with Leader Services, a national company that provides technology and data processing solutions to over 1,000 Local Education Agencies (LEA's). Leader has provided Medicaid billing services to LEA's since 1992 and has assisted with generating more than $1.8 billion in reimbursements. Together, we will provide an improved service within IEP management and Medi-Cal billing for our mutual clients.  With consent in the near future, we will offer districts the ability of integrating SIRAS IEP data with Leader's Medi-Cal billing software via a scheduled nightly data export option between the two systems. We offer this as a solution to help save valuable staff time on data upkeep while providing LEA's a streamlined IEP management and Medi-Cal billing process with the goal of maximizing reimbursement potential.

If you have any questions, please contact Steve Ormbrek - steve@sirassystems.com