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      SIRAS NEWS,  April 2014


New HOT Features Introduced this Month in response to user requests:

As a part of this new feature, an additional meeting purpose has been added for the secondary meeting that can be opened on the IEP Manager when a meeting is already in progress.  In addition to Other Review, Manifestation Determination, and Exit Summary, you can now select Addendum/Amendment for a secondary meeting.   When working on more than one meeting at a time, users need to remember that the last meeting finalized will override information from the previous meeting.  Be sure not to put the Exit Date and Reason on the Exit Summary before finalizing the main meeting or you will lose the IEP pages that are no longer needed after the student is exited.   


COOL Changes Made to Existing Features to make life easier:


IMPORTANT Reminders for all users when working in SIRAS:


General Users have the ability to do the following:

All but the 'Home School' can be changed on the Student Information & Services page (Page 1) or by going into the 'Student Info' tab.

NOTE 1: The Disability category can be changed at a 3-year (Triennial/Reevaluation), Initial, or Other Review meeting.

NOTE 2: A 3-year (Triennial/Reevaluation) will always update both the Annual IEP and the Eval Date in SIRAS.


IMPORTANT Reminders for Special Ed. Secretary/CASEMIS Clerk Staff: